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Closings That Count!

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Take advantage of opportunities to give back. If you follow us on Facebook, you have probably seen us talk about ‘Closings that Count’. You might be wondering – What does that mean? We really like to make a difference in our local communities and even around the world. Closings that Count allows us to do just that. It is a …

Swan Valley Real Estate

Enjoy Idaho – The Snake River

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The Snake River in Idaho At 1,078 miles long, The Snake River is the fourth longest river in the nation. It touches 6 different states from start to finish and makes a windy curvy path through much of Idaho. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Idaho, or see the Snake River, let us try to explain a little …

Camping in Southeast Idaho

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Camping In Idaho For Everyone Until I tried to go camping in another state (California) I hadn’t appreciated camping in Idaho for what it was worth. Growing up here, I was spoiled. I can remember times my friends and I decided to go camping literally after dark. We could load up, get to the campsite, and enjoy the campfire all …

Things to do in Idaho Falls

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Idaho Falls Nightlife & Entertainment Idaho Falls may surprise some with its variety of choices after dark. From relaxing meals on the Snake River, to live local music, Idaho Falls and the close vicinity will surely offer something you can enjoy. When you have an itch to go out, here’s what you can find: Idaho Falls Movie Theaters How could …

Taylor Mountain Idaho FAlls

Enjoy Idaho Series – Taylor Mountain

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Taylor Mountain in Ammon Idaho Lots of outdoor fun just minutes from Idaho Falls   Taylor Mountain is about 2.5 miles Southeast of Idaho Falls. Its peak is roughly 7,414 feet above sea level. It may not be extremely intimidating, but Taylor Mountain is still decently sized and has a lot to offer. Year-round activities can be found on or …

Sandy Downs Horse Racing

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Events & Things to do in Idaho Falls Horse Racing at Sandy Downs Sandy Downs is a large multi-purpose event venue in Idaho Falls. Found at the cross streets of Woodruff (15th) and 65th Ave, Sandy Downs is both centrally located and easy to find. Events in Idaho Falls of all kinds take place at Sandy Downs throughout the year. …

Downtown Idaho Falls

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The Snake River Greenbelt If you have spent any amount of time in Idaho Falls, chances are you have spent some time around what’s known locally as ‘The Greenbelt’. A 2.3-mile loop that connects Highway 20 and Broadway by scenic walking path and sidewalk around the falls of downtown. This is arguably the most popular spot in the city of …

Totality During the Great American Solar Eclipse

The Great American Eclipse

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The Great American Eclipse This coming August, a solar eclipse will pass over the United States in a way that hasn’t happened since 1979. (that means if you are younger than 27, you haven’t ever seen one!) The best part? Our little slice of heaven in Southeast Idaho is one of the very best places to watch it. The general …

Idaho National Lab

Enjoy Idaho – ‘The Site’

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What is ‘The Site’? Employment in Idaho If you have heard it once, you have heard it a hundred times. “I work out at the site” The Idaho National Laboratory (INL) or, ‘The Site’, as it is commonly referred to around East Idaho is nearly 900 square miles of Government owned land and complexes between east Arco and Idaho Falls. …

Closings That Count

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  Here at Dakri Bernard Realty Group we genuinely care about our clients and equally care about our community. We created “Closings That Count,” giving you the opportunity to support the causes that are important to you after the successful closing of your home or property.  We know all of us have charities that mean something to us and /or have …