Greek Freak Food Truck – It’s Greek to Meet You!

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Unfortunately Jamie and Jared have sold the Greek Freak food truck and shut down their business. We’ll bring you more local business spotlights in the future!


One thing we all have in common here at the DBRG office is that we all LOVE food trucks. From tacos to sweet treats – you can find us trading in our credit cards for some loaded carbs! So when we heard through the rumor mill that there was a new food truck coming to East Idaho AND it was based out of Rigby, we had to get the details.

Here’s the scoop from our e-interview with the owners of the new Greek Freak food truck:

Q. Who are the people behind Greek Freak
A. Jamie and Jared
Jamie has worked several jobs giving her a vast area of experience, but with all that she decided to follow her heart and passion for food and open a Greek cuisine food trailer. Her inspiration came from her background of being Greek Orthodox and being raised in a Greek community. All of her recipes came from family and passed on to family. Her love for food and adventure has led her to opening this new venture and hoping to serve the best meal every time.
Jared has also worked several jobs, expanding his area of experience. Jared and Jamie have spent the last 6 years owning and operating Sumo Moving, which they will continue to do. Jared has some food background that is helpful to the trailer, but is ready to assist Jamie in any way possible. Helping Jamie follow her passion, he is helping her operate and serve the Greek cuisine from the food trailer. Jared and Jamie both enjoy new cuisine adventures and experiences and hope to bring that to the area as well.
Q. What made y’all want to start Greek Freak
A. It kind of started as a joke and grew from there. We both knew Jamie liked cooking and seeing the enjoyment it brought to some people. We started giving suggestions and joking about what to serve and how to serve. The main idea that pushed us in the direction of moving forward with the trailer is when we named it. After that we knew it was something we had to pursue. The area needs new foods and experiences, and from our knowledge a truly authentic Greek cuisine was something you couldn’t get without traveling hours away. We bring that to the customer now. We will travel around hoping to share our food with as many people possible.
Q. Can you give us a sneak peek of your menu?
A. We will have a variety of food from souvlaki(chicken shish kabob), gyros, pilaf, baklava and some other food items and desserts. Along with weekly specials that will vary such as spanakopita (spinach pie) and kourabiedes (powdered sugar cookies)
Q. What do you love most about living in East Idaho?
A. Being close to everything from the mountains to the rivers. All year round you can find something to do outdoors. We aren’t a huge tech family. We would all rather be on a boat, in a Rzr, or on a snowy mountain. Just something about being outdoors as a family that rest brings you together and our area has an abundance of that. Our location is perfectly sized for us. We aren’t too big of a city not too small. The people are friendly and outgoing which always makes for a good experience.
Q. What is your dream for the Greek Freak?
A, We have a bunch of different dreams, but our main dream is to spread the love for Greek cuisine and history. We have an abundance of knowledge and info that would surprise some people. Our kids can even go through some of the mythology and history pretty well. One goal is always to be busy, but mainly to make sure we serve a quality food plate and try to make each customer as happy as possible, leaving them with a sense of satisfaction.
Q. What has been the most challenging aspect of building a new business during COVID-19?
A. I would say there was not really a challenging aspect. We came up with a business plan and made sure to allocate enough time to build and prep the food trailer. This has been an ongoing project for us for about 5 months now. Outside of COVID, the hardest part for us has been finding the right manufacturer for our trailer that would cater to our specific needs. Fortunately we found an excellent group of people who have been the best to deal with, only showing and proving to us that a positive and professional experience does leave an everlasting effect.
Q.  When and where can we enjoy some Greek Freak
A. Starting in April, we will be around eastern Idaho. We have not exactly narrowed down when and where yet, but are working out those finer details each day. We want to make sure we take care of each area, but know we have to plan and coordinate each in advance. We have Facebook and we will be posting where we will be and our hours. We may look at other avenues to share with our customers, but first we want to get customer’s feedback as the best way for them to see us.
We look forward to trying Greek Freak, and we know you do too – see you there!
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