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The Snake River in Idaho

At 1,078 miles long, The Snake River is the fourth longest river in the nation. It touches 6 different states from start to finish and makes a windy curvy path through much of Idaho. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Idaho, or see the Snake River, let us try to explain a little about what your missing.

Dalin Bernard Fly Fishing

Dalin Bernard and Jim Hinman on the Southfork

The Snake River is a place everyone can enjoy. It stretches all over Southeast Idaho. The land for sale near the Snake River is of high demand. The beautiful slow streams that flow through Rigby, Idaho Falls, Ririe, and Swan valley are full of majestic landmarks to call home on. World class fly fishing brings people from all over the world to float these tall canyons and lowly river bottoms in search of fish of many kinds.

Fishing from the bank is very popular and can be done by anyone with a license. Fishing license and information can be found on the Idaho Fish and Game website. There are quite a few public places on the river bank that offer free access. There is a canal that breaks off providing a corner to park and water to fish near Mountain River Ranch in Ririe. The city of Idaho Falls offers a public fishing hole (I think that is only open to the public) that is right off the Snake River. And Palisades reservoir has produced some trophy fish for people of all ages.

Palisades Dam area

The Palisades Dam is outside of Swan Valley and offers picturesque mountain and lake views. Most floating boat trip start at the base of the dam and make their way towards Rigby, but stopping far short. Be sure to stop at ‘The Dam Store’ on way though. It’s a mini market…of sorts J. Just past the Palisades Dam and you are in Alpine, Wyoming. Home to the best fireworks stands for many miles. Stock up while you are in town!

Floating the Snake River

As kids growing up in Rigby, we would always float a channel off The Snake towards Rigby Lake. You would go under roads, wind around fields and golf courses and finally end up right outside the lake. You can get in the river at the Mountain River Ranch access, and float for as long as you want. If I remember right, it’s about 5 hours from start to finish, so pack plenty of cold drinks!  The float is a great tour of land and homes for sale in Rigby Idaho. Most houses near the river are well taken care of and truly show you the serene living available in this quaint town.

Always bring someone who has been on this float before. There is a few times the river goes both left and right, and you need to go a certain direction to not end up in the wrong city! Also there are a few water checks that create a type of undercurrent you do not want to get mixed up in. At these parts you get out of the river and walk around the checks, getting back in downstream of them. So like we said, take a local!

Dalin Bernard Rafting

Whitewater Rafting on the River

The Snake River makes it’s way out of Southeast Idaho, across Twin Falls. The Snake River Gorge cuts right through the city and is a site to see. Base Jumpers and action enthusiast’s make their way to this area for a thrill. The Snake then continues towards Idaho’s capital, Boise. Many college students have a very similar float as the one explained above. Any amount of fun can be found on the river in summertime.

The Snake River exists Idaho just North of Boise, into Oregon. After leaving Oregon it enters Washington near the tri-cities, then dumps into the Columbia River.

Have you been on The Snake River? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!

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