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At over 30 years old, Mountain River Ranch has rightfully become one of Southeast Idaho’s most well-known attractions. No matter what your age, interests, or the time of year; you can probably find something to enjoy on this beautiful property that sits near the Western Wyoming border. It’s hard to find a place so versatile, but Mountain River Ranch in Southeast Idaho really has it all.

Located in a city surrounded by beautiful mountains, Ririe Idaho is sliced in half by the Snake River. (The Snake River actually cuts right behind Mountain River Ranch.) Ririe is located in Bonneville and Jefferson counties in the Southeastern part of Idaho. It is part of the Idaho Falls Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was slightly under 700 in its most recent census. Ririe was named after one of its first Homesteaders, David Ririe. He began claiming and cultivating the land in 1888.

Offering Events in Idaho for over 3 Decades

MRR2Mountain River Ranch began operations in 1985. They have remained family owned and operated since the year they opened their doors. During both the summer and winter months they offer theatre type shows. In the summer, shows are mostly outside, while in the winter the shows are inside (after an outdoor sleigh ride!) The winter shows are by far our favorite.

Outside of the Theatre style shows, other attractions include camping, fishing, hiking and swimming. Mountain River Ranch has multiple places to cast a line. The seasoned fisherman will thoroughly enjoy his options on the snake river; either off the bank or via drift boat. Mountain River Ranch can facilitate both options. Guided fly fishing in Southeast Idaho is as good as it gets. People come from far and wide to enjoy the banks of the Snake River, especially the South Fork.

Unique Accommodations Right on The Snake RiverMRR

Mountain River Ranch also has some of the most unique and affordable accommodations in the area. Those wishing to stay overnight with the bare essentials can rent a spot to pop up a tent. There is spaces to park a vehicle, and any size large RV or Motorhome. The other options are where it gets interesting J

You have the ability to sleep in one of two very traditional options. Your first option is a very genuine looking Native American Teepee. The number of places offering Teepee’s by the night, as you can imagine, is a very small number! They don’t stop there. Teepee not interesting enough? What about a traditional stagecoach? Lantern and all! You can literally spend your nights sleeping under the open canvas covered wagon. Occupancy for both the Teepee and the wagon is a maximum of two people.

Log cabins are probably the most popular option. They have plenty of choices, from big too small. Some of the cabin rentals have very few amenities and some offer a few more of the comforts you are used to from home. Pricing can vary by season, but I will say it is ‘affordable’ compared to anything else at similar times. It is slightly off the beaten bath depending on where you are coming from and that lowers a little of the tourism (and the price).

Contact Information for Activities at Mountain River Ranch

Mountain River Ranch is listed on Google at 77 N 5050 E, Ririe, ID 83443. The phone number listed on their website is (208)538-7737. If you want to check out their website, or the Facebook page the links can be found below:


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Other Attractions Near Mountain River Ranch

Mountain River Ranch is very near quite a few other attractions. If you can’t find what you are looking for at MRR, you can surely find it within a short drive.  Some of the other things you can do/see within 30 minutes of Mountain River Ranch include:

  • Kelly Canyon Ski ResortKCanyon
    • Kelly Canyon is small, affordable and can be a great time when the snow is right.
  • Ririe Reservoir Water Recreation Area
    • Boat Launch, Fishing, Camping spots and wildlife can all be found here.
  • World Famous Square Ice Cream
    • Towards Swan Valley, is a quaint gas station that offers something very unique! Be sure to stop by and try the different flavors!Square Ice Cream
  • Rigby lake
    • For calmer waters and more of a beach setting, head towards Rigby and enjoy a day at the lake!
  • Riot Zone Family Fun Park
    • Right next to the lake in Rigby, Riot Zone offers mini-golf, go-kart racing, bumper boats and plenty of other family fun activities.

Have you been to Mountain River Ranch or any of the other fun places you see listed here? Let us know in the comments below!

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