Preparing Your Home For Listing Photo’s- Series 1

Series 1-Prepping Your Kitchen

So you have made the decision to put your house up for sale and you’ve found the a Realtor-congratulations! The next question that is often asked is “What do I need to do now?”  The next couple steps are two of the very most important when it comes to selling your home.

  • Prepping For Pictures to create that great first impression online
  • Keeping Your Home Clean & Staged so you impress consumers not only online but in person as well

The question you must ask yourself at this point, “Are you willing to do what you need to for maximum sale amount”?  Of course everyone says YES at first but it will take some commitment and hard work. Especially when you are living in the home while it is for sale.

I will use a first-hand experience of a dear friend.  She truly does keep her house very neat and tidy!  Below, the “before” picture  was taken the after the morning cleaning.

“Now if anyone was to stop by I wouldn’t be embarrassed at all – I’d actually probably be patting myself on the back about what a great housekeeper I am” my friend exclaimed.  However, can you picture yourself living here?  When having your home on the market there are things you can do to go above and beyond a “typical morning clean”.

  • First, de-clutter!  All the décor comes down.  Don’t the cabinets look large now?  The buyer’s eye can focus on what is really there and not get distracted on pretty décor they aren’t purchasing. 
  • Second, all those papers and magnets on the fridge have got to go. 
  • Lastly, the only item that should be on the counter is a small bowl of fruit or some fresh flowers.



085- cropped     




Little things DO make a difference to the potential buyer, it can mean the difference in thousands of dollars and an executed sale. Let my team and I give you a free market evaluation on your home and see for yourself what we can do to help you accomplish your goals today! Still not sure? Check out some testimonials of past clients or view my detailed marketing plan that’s customized to your home!



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