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Taylor Mountain Idaho FAlls

Taylor Mountain in Ammon Idaho

taylorfromidahofallsLots of outdoor fun just minutes from Idaho Falls


Taylor Mountain is about 2.5 miles Southeast of Idaho Falls. Its peak is roughly 7,414 feet above sea level. It may not be extremely intimidating, but Taylor Mountain is still decently sized and has a lot to offer. Year-round activities can be found on or near Taylor Mountain in Ammon, Idaho. Living near Idaho Falls has allowed us the chance to enjoy this area a few times over the years, let our first-hand knowledge detail a little about the area. We hope this educates (and/or motivates) you to get out and explore it yourself.

Taylor Mountain Location

The map to the right shows you where Taylor Mountain is in relation to Idaho Falls and surrounding. There is a few different routes to access the mountain depending on the time of the year and what you are trying to get out and do. Google maps is an excellent resource for aerial shots of the area to map out your route. Be careful when exploring Taylor Mountain at ANY time of the year. This is real Idaho wilderness area and should be treated with respect. Snakes, coyotes, treacherous trails and unpredictable weather are frequently experienced.

Summer Recreation in Idaho Falls

During the summer time, Taylor Mountain offers outdoor enthusiasts activities of all kinds. Trails for hiking, biking, and ATV’ing are the most popular. Be sure to check with the Idaho Falls Parks & Recreation department for rules on where and when trails are open. Camping and hunting are very popular here as well. The area is vast and cannot be experienced in its entirety in a day or even a weekend. Take your time and make multiple trips! It’s always best to go out with someone who has previous experience during any adventure. They can offer tips and tricks about the area as well as certain obstacles you may encounter on your trail.

Be careful when enjoying the outdoors in the summer. Idaho summers are very opposite of its winters. This area is known to have its share of brush fires, and they are usually caused by a hiker or outdoorsman not taking proper precautions in what they do. It doesn’t take much to cause a fire, but the damage it can cause to the wildlife and surrounding neighborhoods could be devastating!

Taylor Mountain is not the only option for hiking in the area. The Bone area has quite a few long flat hikes that take you near the windmills of the Ammon Foothills. There is even hiking trails in the Downtown Idaho Falls area. If you want to read more information, or see interactive maps – All Trails & Back Country Secrets have a bit more information on where you can hike in the Ammon/Idaho Falls area.

Winter Recreation in Idaho Falls

The winter time in Taylor Mountain is less crowded, but still offers just as many things to do. Be warned, animals do take refuge in this area during the harsh Idaho winters. Always stay away from any animals you may see, no matter how cute they may look!


Abandoned Ski Resort

At one point, there was a ski resort on Taylor Mountain. It was not big by today’s standards, but it did offer the residents of Ammon, Idaho Falls and the neighboring cities a fun place to let loose during cold summer months. The ski hill has long been shut down, but the snow still comes! Snow shoeing and snow skiing is something you will find no shortage of. Everyone is always very friendly and lots of conversations can be had on the trail while you take in the beautiful scenery.

Snowbikes, snowmobiles, skiing and snowboarding can be enjoyed in areas around Taylor Mountain. Remember the ski lifts are closed so if you plan to ski or board, you will be hiking to the top!

Be sure to dress for the season! Waterproof shoes, pants, and lots of layers are needed AT ALL TIMES. You don’t want to be that person in jeans and shivering, headed home early!


Have you been hiking or participating in snow sports near Taylor Mountain? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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