Downtown Idaho Falls

The Snake River Greenbelt

If you have spent any amount of time in Idaho Falls, chances are you have spent some time around what’s known locally as ‘The Greenbelt’. A 2.3-mile loop that connects Highway 20 and Broadway by scenic walking path and sidewalk around the falls of downtown. This is arguably the most popular spot in the city of Idaho Falls during the spring and summer months. The food, nightlife, and evening activities bring in people of all ages.

Walking Path around The Greenbelt

Walking Path around The Greenbelt

Delicious Food in Downtown Idaho Falls

The Greenbelt offers some of the best (and cheapest) food options in the downtown area. Whether you are looking for 5 star upscale dining, or food from a street vendor, most of the year you can find both. The list of upscale restaurants all include fantastic views of the Snake River as it twists through Idaho Falls. Geese and other waterfowl are usually found asking for crackers or leftovers and tossing them a little is never frowned upon. Jakers, Sandpiper, and Outback start the list of fine dining, but check Google for the latest list and reviews. You really can’t go wrong!

Smitty’s Pancake House can be found on the corner of Broadway and South Utah Avenue. It is one of the most popular and longest standing breakfast options in Idaho Falls. If you are looking for a comfy eatery that serves down home American plates, you won’t find a better spot than Smitty’s. One downside – Smitty’s is no secret. Get there bright and early if you don’t enjoy long lines!

A new mobile option can be found around downtown Idaho Falls – The Dogfather hot dog cart. Usually around a local watering hole, The Dogfather is a popular choice among those looking for the late night ‘4th meal’. The location and hours of this choice are rather flexible. Follow The Dogfather on Facebook to find out when and where you can swoop up a delicious custom dog!

Spring and Summer Events in Idaho Falls

4th of July in Idaho Falls

4th of July in Idaho Falls

The Snake River Greenbelt is usually THE spot for family activities during the evenings and weekends. From live music, to marathons and public barbeques, events of all kinds can be found consistently. The Melalecua Freedom Celebration is one of the largest events in Idaho and has taken place here annually on the 4th of July weekend.

In early August, you can adopt a duck in The Snake River duck race, which is quite the sight if you have never seen it! Thousands of yellow rubber ducks float this portion of the Snake to raise money for the Idaho Falls Rotary Club. This race has been going on for over 10 years! Find out the information on 2017’s races here.

Alive after Five is an outdoor event for the 21 and up crowd. A few blocks of the downtown area are closed off, live music is set up, and both hand crafted and domestic beer is served on tap. It really is a great time of the year to be outside in the evening and unwind after the workday. The festivities start Wednesday evenings at 5 PM!

Hiking & Walking Trails in Idaho Falls

Source: City of Idaho Falls

Source: City of Idaho Falls

On top of the food and events, you can always come to the greenbelt area to enjoy walking and hiking of different levels. The map to the right is the best we have found to display the different loops and trails in a very small radius of the downtown area. The Temple Loop Trail is the most popular for those walking, jogging, or even pushing strollers!

If you are looking for something slightly more challenging, the Memorial loop trail will not be as crowded and has a greater range of uphill and downhill changes. Both of these trails are paved nearly 100%.



We hope you can get out and enjoy the food and events this summer. If there is anything we have missed, let us know in the comments!

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