What to look for in your first home!

 What To Look For In Your First Home


 Purchasing your first home in Eastern Idaho will be a memory that will last your life time.  This is one of the biggest decisions that you may make!  A lot of first time home buyers make the decision to stop renting and buy a home because it seems to be the better financial decision.  But no one wants a money pit!  Here are a few things to look for when purchasing your first home.



#1 – How much home can you really afford?

Majority of first time home buyers know that they are going to need to come up with a down payment.  After meeting that goal next is taking a look at both what you qualify for and what you can afford.  These two measurements are sometimes not balanced.  Talk with a home loan officer before beginning your search so that your dreams aren’t dashed by reality!


#2 – Think of the future.

Where do you see your life in the next 10 years?  Will you be getting married, do you plan to have kids…how many bedrooms might you need?  Space is often a higher priority than extra features.


#3 – Do your homework.

Everyone has heard “location, location, location” at sometime when looking for a home.  But not all of us can live in the most highly desirable locations.  First look for well maintained homes and yards, check out the local schools, visit your local church or parish.  Does the neighborhood have a lot of children?  How close are local amenities?  Look past the house to make sure the location is one that you will love too.


#4 – Look for updates.

When purchasing their first home, many home buyers don’t want to put a lot of money into it because they know it’s not their home for life.  Look for updates such as energy efficient windows, updated electrical wiring.


#5 – How much do you want to invest?

I’m not talking about just money here, but your time and your energy.  Looking at doing some remodeling or finishing a basement yourself may be saving you on your monthly mortgage cost, but comes with a different price tag.  Living in a construction area, doing the project yourself, all while working and carrying out the rest of your life can become overwhelming.


Have any other questions? Call or email me anytime for a free home buyer’s consultation! I look forward to earning your business!


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