Totality During the Great American Solar Eclipse

The Great American Eclipse

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The Great American Eclipse

This coming August, a solar eclipse will pass over the United States in a way that hasn’t happened since 1979. (that means if you are younger than 27, you haven’t ever seen one!) The best part? Our little slice of heaven in Southeast Idaho is one of the very best places to watch it. The general Idaho Falls area is included in the line 70 miles wide that will see the eclipse in its totality. Hotels and camping spots all over our area are already starting to fill up! If you want to watch the eclipse in the Snake River Valley, claim your spot ASAP!

View the Eclipse in Idaho

Credit NASA

Credit NASA

An amazing view will be presented to those looking from Oregon all the way to the Carolina’s on the East coast.  The 70 mile wide line spanning across the United States will present the whole eclipse, but almost anywhere in the lower 48 will offer a breathtaking view of this rare event. An eclipse is defined an astronomical event that occurs when an astronomical object is temporarily obscured, either by passing into the shadow of another body or by having another body pass between it and the viewer. (credit Wikipedia)


I personally have never seen one, but those who have witnessed a solar eclipse like the one expected, have described it as ‘life changing’. To best view this eclipse, it would be wise to pick up a pair of solar glasses. They are very inexpensive and offer a fine return on your investment when taking in the views. Don’t delay in ordering yours, as you can imagine they are hot ticket for the next few months! You will need the solar glasses to view the majority of the eclipse, but when the moon is completely in front of the sun, you will briefly be able to take them off and view the eclipse without damage to your vision.


This eclipse is another great example of the natural beauty Idaho offers its residents. This isn’t the only natural wonder that has hit the area, and won’t be the last. Rexburg, Rigby, Idaho Falls, Pocatello and everywhere in between will be a good place to stay and view the eclipse. We hope those traveling to the area from out of state, enjoy the time they spend in Idaho. If you have any questions on unique places to watch the eclipse, ask us in the comment section below!


When to watch the eclipse in Idaho

The official date of the eclipse is August 21st 2017. If you miss this eclipse, you won’t have to

2017 v 2024

2017 v 2024

wait as long as those who saw the 1979 eclipse did. The next eclipse of this magnitude will be in 2024, and will have a silently different trajectory. Draw a line from Texas to Maine and that is going to be the best path. However, The Great American Eclipse is projected to be a little more special as a whole for the nation.



If you are looking for more information, we put together a list of websites and resources below.


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