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Buying and selling homes and properties is a process. You need to not only decide what you want, but also find an agent that understands your needs and can guide you through the  process. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible during this time.

Take a minute to get to know our Buyer Specialist & Licensed Agent, Annalee Keller. Annalee answers some classic (and not so classic) questions to help you understand her as a busy mom of 3 children and the day to day operations of one of the fastest growing real estate groups in Eastern Idaho.

family photo at lagoon

Annalee and her kids at Lagoon in Utah

Q: Where were you born? 

Annalee: Ogden Utah

Q: Any kids?

Annalee: I have three amazing kids. Two daughters ages 18 and 10 (going on 18 🙂 and one son who is 15.


Q: Most memorable childhood vacation?

Annalee: My parents were big on vacations. My dad only had two weeks off a year from work and so we always planned big trips during his time off. We usually went to long beach California for spring break and we would rent a Townhome just a block from the beach. I loved walking to the beach and sitting on the shore for hours watching the waves and the seagulls.

Q: Favorite part of SE Idaho?

Annalee: My favorite part of SE Idaho is the Palisades Reservoir.  My family loves to boat and camp and there , it is so serene and breath taking in the summer months.

Q: Favorite outdoor activity?

Annalee: I love doing anything with my family, but our favorite activities would probably be boating and camping in the summer months.

Annalee and Whitney

Annalee and Whitney

Q: How did you get into real estate?

Annalee:  I love helping people and after working in the customer service business for over 14 years I had a really good friend approach me about getting my real estate license.  He works in the lending business and said he was frustrated with the customer service that his clients were receiving.  He encouraged me to move forward with getting my licence and helping to set a higher expectation for the real estate market by  providing the best customer service possible. He also hinted that he knew this amazing team that would be awesome to work with as well.

Q: Most memorable experience working with Dakri (& Team) so far?

Annalee: The most memorable experience that I have had so far was the willingness that Dakri and Anjanette portrayed when I approached them about a family that was in need of help with repairs on their home. The family’s young son had just passed away during the time of my client purchasing their home. The compassion and time spent to find contractors to donate their time to this family was amazing. We were able to help this family even after the buyer backed out of the transaction. What a blessing to be on a team so willing to help , even when there is isn’t a benefit for them in return.

Q: Favorite home (or lot, property, building etc.) you have seen come through?

Annalee: My favorite building that I have shown so far would have to be Watson’s Bar in Menan. There is so much history with that amazing old building. The sellers have put so much time and work into restoring it. I love to see when people try to preserve a piece of the past.

Q: Your phone rings at 2 AM, it’s Dakri, why is she calling? 

Annalee: Dakri is so committed to her clients that I would not be surprised if I got a call from her at 2am ha ha ha. She would probably be making sure that I had gotten an alert from someone that was requesting information at 2 am. Dakri goes above and beyond to make sure that anyone that reaches out to us is taken care of immediately.

Q: One thing potential home buyers need to know?

Annalee: That we represent them for free!  In most transactions the sellers pay our commission so essentially we represent buyers with no cost to them!!  Very rarely, but occasionally  in a FSBO a buyer may have to pay.

Q: You meet up with clients, get in your car and music is blasting from your last ride. What song is playing?

Annalee: Anything Country 🙂 I love it all!

Q: Why should those considering buying/selling consider using you and the team?

Annalee: Our team goes above and beyond when representing our clients.  It doesn’t matter if the transaction is 500.00 or a million, we truly care about our clients’ needs and wants.  Our goal is to represent them to the very best of our abilities.

Idaho Real Estate Agent

Annalee and her daughter Whitney

Q: You win the lottery – First person you call and why?

Annalee: My daughter Whitney, because we have dreamed of a trip to Italy her whole life!


Q: If I wasn’t in Idaho, I would live in:

Annalee: California by my sisters

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