Entrepreneurs: Jumpstart Your Financial Independence in Tetonia, Idaho!

Have you been thinking about taking the leap into business ownership? Does financial rewards, lifestyle flexibility, and personal growth sound enticing? Then you’ve landed at the right place! Here are 4 reasons you need to consider The Sun Shack salon and Tetonia Tire and Service as your next best move to make for financial independence.

Teton County is the Fastest Growing County in East Idaho

The Sun Shack and Tetonia Tire and Service are located in beautiful Teton County. In a recent U.S. Census Bureau estimate Teton County was the fastest growing county in eastern Idaho. This is fantastic news for the city of Tetonia! Teton County’s growth is especially encouraging because it is largely driven by a younger generation. Thirty percent of Teton County’s population is between the ages of 25 and 44, the highest percentage of any county in eastern Idaho. Bottom line, Tetonia is growing and this business will too.

Location, Location, Location

Location sets the tone for any business and can also make or break how well your business will do. The good news is The Sun Shack and  Tetonia Tire and Service is a main street corner property! Being on main street is essential to prosperity and culture, giving you a place to thrive within your community. This property is also located adjacent to downtown eateries which is a great opportunity for foot traffic. And don’t think we weren’t going to mention those Teton Views! We can’t get over them either. Learn more about the City of Tetonia by clicking here.

Built-in and Built-up Existing Clientele

Interested in keeping the existing businesses? Not only do you get The Sun Shack and Tetonia Tire and Service’s existing inventory and equipment (which reduces start up time), you will also be handed their extensive clientele! Both of these established businesses are successful and highly sought after in the community, ensuring you can count on a reliable number of customers and cash flow.

Multiple Income Generators

The Sun Shack salon has two chairs for hair stylists, and two nail tech stations. Take the opportunity to rent out these stations to professionals who don’t want to work full-time at a traditional salon. Providing you increased stability and potentially lower costs. If that peaks your interest, let’s take it a step further. Perhaps you are looking for your own salon but not sure where to start with owning a two bay tire shop. Lease it! Lease it to someone who does know what they’re doing, which in return promises a more stable stream of real estate income. 

Ready to get a better look inside 100 S Main St, Tetonia, ID? Make sure to take the virtual tour by clicking here.

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