Three Simple Ways to Decorate on a Budget

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Are you looking to decorate your new home? Or perhaps you already live in your dream home and you’re just looking for a “breath of fresh air” in a few key rooms. In this post, we will go over three simple, yet cost effective ways to spruce up your house – and they wont break the bank!

Dining Room Seating

One of my favorite tricks to brighten up your kitchen and dining room area, is getting creative with the seating around your dining room table.  Make your dining room table somewhere cozy that you actually look forward to sharing meals and valuable time with loved ones at. You don’t need to spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars on a fancy dining room set to accomplish this. First, the chairs do not need to match, after all, we aren’t hosting corporate meetings. Going to thrift and antique shops is a great way to find cost friendly furniture, with tons of character to create a more relaxed and comforting atmosphere. Another great tip is to look for a bench to fill one side of the table, this is both a cost effective way to knock a few seats of the list, as well as bring an intimate element to the table, as you share a seat with friends over a meal. Do this one simple trick and it will giving your dining room a brand new vibe you’ll be dying to spend more time in. This article has some helpful rules of thumb for decorating your dining room table with mix match chairs.

Painting an Accent Wall

Accent Wall

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Paint can do wonders to a room. It can transform that dark dungeon like room into a bright room – certain to lift spirits once one enters. However, even something just as simple as paint can get expensive, with all the brands out there claiming to be the best, large rooms can get costly to paint.  I typically go with just an accent wall, or even just the ceiling. This way I usually only have to buy 1 gallon of paint, sometimes less, and it allows me that breath of fresh air for a great value and minimal work. Most companies carry a paint and primer all-in-one so you do not have to buy and take the time to do a primer coat first. I can transform the vibe in a room in under $40 and an afternoon with just a gallon of paint and some good music. In dark rooms, go with a lighter color to bring some brightness in, and in brighter rooms, try a Grey, or Navy accent to balance the energy in the room. Here is another great article that helped me gain my direction in painting, that may help you too. Most people will walk into the new version of a room I’ve painted and they can’t believe the only change is paint. Try it out for yourself!

Re-purpose Furniture

This one has to be the cheapest way to decorate your home on a budget. Take a walk around your house, garage, shed, or storage unit. See what old furniture or decorations you have sitting around, maybe it’s a trunk, an old mirror, a stool, an old dresser, or coffee table. It could be something that a decade or so ago, was dated and out of style, but with a little creativity and elbow grease, could quickly become a stylish centerpiece for any room. Next, take a look here for some awesome DIY projects in re-purposing old furniture. You can save the trip to the furniture store, get your hands dirty, and at the end of the project – you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Your bank account won’t be feeling the effects of buying new furniture to update a room. I’m always amazed at what you can turn some of your old stuff into. Create a one of a kind piece for your house in just a few hours!


Before doing my research, I thought I would have to spend hundreds of dollars and numerous hours in each room to accomplish a different feel. However after implementing these three simple hacks, I’ve found I can change up the look in any room on a relatively low budget. Now get to the drawing board, let your creativity run wild, and put some of these ideas to use! Send us a picture of your next project and we will feature it on our blog!

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