3 Advantages of Townhome Living in Idaho

Purchasing a home. It’s not always easy and with today’s trends you may feel overwhelmed and rushed. When choosing to buy a home, we’ve seen that townhomes can often times be ruled out. Sure there are disadvantages (single-family homes have that too), but there are many advantages of townhouse living that can be overlooked! Consider these three and let us introduce you to our latest townhome listing or click here!

Less Work

One of the most appealing advantages of living in a townhome is the peace of mind that you will not have to put as much effort in when it comes to the maintenance of your home. One being landscaping. Typically your townhome’s have smaller yard which means less mowing and weeding on the weekends. You get to spend your Sunday Fundays actually relaxing. Some associations may even take care of the landscaping for you! 

Value of Money

Believe it or not, townhomes actually provide great value for your money. At times, townhomes have shown to be more affordable than single-family homes. Majority of the time they are a cheaper option in comparison to a standalone home. In addition to that, usually you don’t have to pay outlandish property taxes. Due to the smaller lot size, townhome residents pay lower property taxes vs. conventional homes. We’ve seen that no matter the market, there always seems to be a demand for townhomes.


One of our favorite advantages to townhome living is the sense of community. There is something about the camaraderie. You and your neighbors both have pride in your surroundings. Living close to neighbors creates opportunities for new friendships you might not have expected. Being close to your neighbors also provides a sense of added security. In today’s world, that could make or break where you choose to live.

Would you benefit from any of these? Perhaps our 3 bedroom Rigby townhome listing would be just the place to call home (see images above). You can check it out right now by clicking: https://bit.ly/3KNpYBu! Schedule your showing by calling (208) 932-4343.

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